January: Firefighter Cancer Awareness

The connection between firefighting and cancer is real, and it’s killing IAFF members at much higher rates than the general public. As part of efforts to prevent and reduce fire fighters’ risk of occupational cancer, the IAFF and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) are partnering to designate January as Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign, which kicks off January 4, draws attention to the scope of cancer in the fire service, and focuses on education, best practices for prevention and helping survivors of occupational cancer. Resources include safety stand downs, daily training briefs, fact sheets and other tools for prevention and mitigation.

Fire fighter occupational cancer is the leading cause of line-of-duty death, and the IAFF and FCSN are committed to providing members with the best possible methods of prevention to reduce their risk of cancer.

Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month was established by Convention resolution (passed at the 2018 IAFF Convention) with a goal to provide a collaborative network for fire service members to share information and best practices to reduce preventable cancer risk throughout the entire year and beyond.

During the month of January, the IAFF and FCSN will promote cancer awareness and education online and through email communications, social media and podcasts addressing this important issue.