Following fire activities, exposure reporting is necessary to document exposures that can lead to occupational diseases and cancer. The National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS) Exposure Tracker is available as an app for fire fighters, paramedics or officers to log exposure and incident details in a private, encrypted and secure online environment. The information gathered will help researchers better understand toxic exposures on the fire scene and develop new treatments and prevention protocols for occupational diseases, including cancer. Download the NFORS Exposure Tracker App by going to the app store on your mobile device.

As part of the International Association of Fire Fighters and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network’s joint effort to promote Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month in January – Grand Island, NE Local 647 member Lonnie Mitteis shares his occupational cancer story.

With thanks to Boston, MA Local 718, a personal message from Boston Lieutenant Glenn Preston.

So, someone in your department or Local has gotten the news of their cancer diagnosis. How do we support him/her? San Gabriel CA Battalion Chief Bryan Frieders offers some thoughts on behalf of the I-Chiefs Safety Section. (Article photo screenshot above opens the article)

As Gordon Graham says,  predictable is preventable. We know firefighters are at higher risk for cancer. Homes and the stuff inside them are increasingly made with non-natural materials that give off carcinogens when they combust. That being known, there is action YOU can take to stay healthy. It’s not rocket science: stay in good physical shape, rest enough, and eat right. We know, easier said than done. Who among us hasn’t been up on the medic all night or been called in overnight on short notice? But, for your family’s sake, you have to try.

For the first week in the Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month podcast series, IAFF Staff Members Doug Stern (Cincinnati Local 48) and Mark Treglio (Jaksonville Local 122) are joined by Dr. Kenny Fent and Dr. Miriam Siegel from NIOSH to discuss the National Firefighter Registry (NFR). Listen along to better understand what the NFR is, the legislative efforts behind getting the registry created, why it was created, who can join the registry and how the registry can be used to better understand occupational cancer in the fire service.


This is the story of Ralf Garcia, City of Miami Local 587.