OAPFF PTS Training

Alternatives to Building Resilience and Relieving Post Traumatic Stress

Resilience refers to the process by which individuals adapt positively during or after stressful situations that involve adversity or risk – this applies to both our personal and professional lives. Furthermore, resilience is a teachable proactive measure that is different for everyone.

Please join us as we welcome David Brown, President, from Frontline Freedom Adventure Therapy and Firefighter/Paramedic and OAPFF Peer Team Member Shawn Stauffer from Plain Twp. Fire Department.

Frontline Freedom is a non-profit organization that offers expense-free Adventure Therapy to current and retired first responders. They host multiple backpacking and fly-fishing trips per year that are designed to encourage connection and team building. David Brown will discuss his program and how the outdoor experiences can reduce anxiety, tension, and other post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Firefighter Shawn Stauffer (Plain Twp. Local 3850) will share his personal story of how he overcame adversity. He believes fitness is a key component to strong mental health and a valuable resource for managing and coping with on and off the job stress.